Today we live in an aggressive media space that is filled with noise. Not all information can be considered true and reflecting the real state of things. This era is already called the "era of fake news". Each publication is necessarily biased in one direction. If your opinion does not coincide with the opinion of the editors, then your article will be censored to such an extent that it loses its original meaning. We came to the conclusion that in order to express our opinion, we must either compromise with the publishers or build our own site. Today the Sacrarium community has reached a fairly large number of users. The time has come to create our own resource for expressing our common opinion and outlook on everything that happens. We plan to publish not only the official reaction of the Sacrarium administration, but also articles by individual users of virtual worlds, all those who have something to say to this world. We are pleased to publish articles that address the most pressing issues. There will be nothing wrong if a discussion of such issues develops into drama. In the end, what would virtual life be without dramas and scandals? More dramas for god of dramas! We will strive to create such publications so that it is interesting to follow the development of discussion and participate in it. Thus, “The Voice of the Sacrarium” is an irregular virtual newspaper dedicated to events around the Sacrarium community and beyond. It's hard to talk about any expectations right now. The concept can change at any time. But we are optimistic and hope to attract enough attention from the entire community of virtual worlds.

Editor in Chief,

Murzilla Potapov