Everything about matter

by WhiteAngel Deed 06/11/2019

Edited by Murzilla Potapov

Hello folks!

Over the past two weeks, the Sacrarium has been under DDoS attack and we have big problems with the server. All this time I worked day and night on optimizing the system. All this time I completely ignored any correspondence that came to me from users, including private messages, mail and social networks. I also accumulated a large number of personal problems in real life that should have been solved. The work on the Sacrarium server entered the final stage and it was time to put everything in its place. Now Sacrarium is online again and ready for more action. Due to the intensity of the work, I could not find the time to write everything that I think about the events of recent days. Besides, I can’t write English myself, I need the help of an editor. But our friend Murzilla Potapov has just returned from vacation. Lazy ass. :P Here we will focus on technical problems, on the situation with annual vote, as well as on the demarche of Maria Korolov and OpenSimWorld.

About vote rigging

From time to time, I went through Facebook and Twitter feeds and was surprised that there are so many positive reviews about the Sacrarium that users are so active in this poll. It was a surprise for me to find out that most of the votes turned out to be false. More later it became clear that this poll was rigged. However, I myself did not vote because Im an admin and have personal interest. In addition, I still do not know who could create such a huge number of fake votes. As the administrator of the Sacrarium, I officially declare that none of the administration and staff of the Sacrarium participated in the process of falsifying the vote. If I knew in advance that all these voices are false, I would personally ask for disqualification. I have always been against fraud and sought honesty. Even in the popularity ranking, I never increased the number of visitors, despite the fact that some of our competitors constantly used this method. However, what happened has already happened.

About the exclusion of the Sacrarium from the popularity rating

Falsification of the vote was a formal reason to exclude the Sacrarium from the popularity rating in the Hypergrid Business and blocking the rating in Opensimworld. I am not so naive as to think of it as anything more than ordinary sabotage. In fact we expected something similar a year ago. And we were always ready for this situation .We have plan “S”, of course. Even then, it became clear that not everyone was happy with the success of the Sacrarium. We all remember these comments from last year’s vote when many openly lobbied for Sacrarium’s exclusion from the popularity rating. In the main region, of the Sacrarium even had a “Fool’s Board” installed, on which you can read some of these comments. There is an interesting point in this story. Maria writes that she sent a request for confirmation to all those who voted for the Sacrarium. But I received a lot of testimonials from users who voted for the Sacrarium, but did not receive any requests from Maria. This is funny. Like all journalists, Maria is lobbying for the interests of commercial projects. Such is the peculiarity of this profession. Sacrarium is a big pain in the ass for those who want to trade low-quality virtual goods for real currency. This is also a big pain for those who are used to isolating their users in order to milk their wallets. That is why all articles about the Sacrarium in HB are written in a very negative light. This whole story did not begin yesterday. As we all remember, in her attempt to denigrate the Sacrarium, HB went down to the publication of slander from the anonymous author, while using a fake screenshot of pornographic content. Most people condemned this monstrous slander. We have repeatedly pointed out to Maria Korolov the falsity of information and screenshots in this article. But there was no reaction. The article has not been deleted or corrected. Why? Because it was not a mistake, but it was a planned provocation. This screenshot is used by Maria for the second time. For the first time, everyone understood that this screenshot was taken on a different grid. Even then they pointed out a lie, but she didn’t fix anything. But recently, the Sacrarium has gone beyond its limits, rising to third place in the popularity rating. It must be that Maria’s customer was furious and she hastened to correct her mistake by correcting the data, and then completely removing the Sacrarium from the rating. Nothing personal, it's just called business and democracy today.

About Opensimworld

Here we have a much worse case than with the Hypergrid Business. Hostility to the Sacrarium here has always been expressed in the unspoken support of our opponents. For example, my posts were often deleted, but the posts of my opponents never, despite direct violations of the terms of use. Satyr is always very attentive to the complaints of our ill-wishers, however, our letters to support are ignored. For the most part, our opponents are Nazis, pedophiles, copybot-traders, copybot drama-lovers and just losers those who are jealous and have big mouth. All violations always get away with them. Now all ratings have been removed from the profiles of the Sacrarium regions. I could not get any explanation. From third parties, I learned that this is due to the allegedly large number of positive reviews from fake accounts. Great. Given that 80 percent of the entire audience is fake accounts, this is indeed a very dumb reason for very dumb people. At the same time, the ability to create a huge number of fake accounts is not at all the fault of the Sacrarium, but the mistake of the Opensimworlds developer. Of course, real violators will not be punished. And of course, Maria has nothing to do with it, as well as lobbying for commercial interests.

Once the Opensim community wakes up, they will sell it primitives at the price of quality clothing. Whatever democracy is trying to build, Auschwitz concentration camp is constantly being obtained. Do you want virtual freedom? You will not receive it, because they will decide for you where you can go and where not. Do you want to choose what content you need? You will not be allowed to do this. They themselves will throw out of your inventory everything that they see fit. This has already happened. You will buy trash for money. Yes, right here in the free Opensim. You do not like pedophiles, fascists and haters? You will love them, because you must be tolerant.

About Sacrarium server

We really had tricky problems. The DDoS attack was not the only cause of the problems; it was possible to block it on the provider side quite easily. The problem is that the asset base that needs to be cleaned is too large. Sooner or later, such a huge base will become unprofitable and will have to get rid of it. This is a fact of life. It is amazing that the mysql is so stable and has never let us down. Another problem is the large number of asset requests from Outworldz grids. Thousands of small grids give thousands of asset requests that they have taken. And not just assets, but groups, friends and etc. Sacrarium also constantly requests friends and groups from dozens of Outworldz grids, many of which no longer exist. I noticed that Outworldz solution are often used by content hunters and those who want to sell free content for currency. Such grids create a lot of garbage and a lot of requests, which complicates the operation of the Sacrarium server. Sometimes they exist only a couple of days, and then disappear forever. It turns out that Sacrarium and Outworlds are killing each other. And this is a big problem. Sacrarium is quite reliable and designed for huge loads. Most Outworldz grids run on a home computers that is not designed for such challenge. This solution is not designed to create truly large-scale and long-term projects. I do not know a single project that would be more than a year old. Today, Outworldz is the easiest and most popular way to create grids. Just two clicks away. I come to the conclusion that the Sacrarium should refuse to service grids based on Outworldz. I am very sorry to upset users who use Outworldz and like to visit the Sacrarium. But we have to do it. And you don’t need to blame me for the "Sacrarium destroys the metaverse and kills grids with a huge amount of content." Not Sacrarium kills. People kills.

You cannot stand the requests of the Sacrarium, but the Sacrarium has stood the requests of dozens of grids for two years 24/7. Everything has a limit. I am sure that the metaverse should reduce the number of grids by uniting into larger projects. Or we all gonna f*kn die!


I can’t say that I am very upset. In fact, I am very tired of this whole race for popularity. Am I offended by Maria? Probably not. The situation really created a lot of work for her. But I have nothing to do with it. Let her do her job. Am I offended by Satyr? Probably. I do not like hypocrisy. You could explain the reason to me. We never quarreled. You can always approach a person and say what exactly is wrong. It is so simple. We never quarreled. You can always approach a person and say what exactly is wrong. And of course, no one thought that many innocents would suffer too. It is so democratic. Let's destroy every tenth for every mistake made by one user. Who cares about the details, right? Those who are to blame should be punished. If you do not know who is to blame, then you should not punish everyone at once. Or am I wrong? I apparently don't understand anything about true democracy and free speech. In any case, we are always hostages of the resources that we use. We need to create and use our own. But I never allowed myself to treat my users who trusted me with their avatars.

You can exclude the Sacrarium from any ratings, you can lie and water the Sacrarium with mud. You cannot do anything. Sacrarium is not just a grid, now it is a whole community. These are free people who live on each grid in the metaverse. You still do not understand that the last word is not for your fake ratings, but for people who will definitely come and take what they want, without any restrictions. You can cry, you can lie nothing will changes. People wants be free in virtual if it impossible in real life.

Sacrarium will grow further. We have very big plans. Stay in touch.

Best regard,

WhiteAngel Deed

Special thanks for patience and his time

to Murzilla Potapov