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The resource is dedicated to the publication of the official Sacrarium point of view on various events within the OpenSim community, virtual life, the latest news and innovations.The journal also publishes the views of ordinary users, their view of what is happening in virtual worlds.

Soziarium : For those who know ;)

Sometimes we feel lonely when our friends are offline or outside the grid. Sometimes real life makes people rarely visit the virtual world. This is normal for our life, because the affairs of real life are much more important than the virtual world. But today we found an interesting way to combine real and virtual life, to allow people to feel "in the world" even when they are “afk”. We launched a special social network, which will turn any grid into a center of active communication and interaction with a huge number of functions and capabilities. We present to you the Soziarium - a free social service for the residents of all virtual grids.

Sacrarium New Order release

Today we want to tell you about the new Sacrarium New Order project. This project was conceived a year ago, but we did not have a consensus on what it should be. We did not have the technical capacity to implement it. The Sacrarium that you know was created for test purposes. No one could have imagined that everything would go that far.

Everything about matter


Hello folks!

Over the past two weeks, the Sacrarium has been under DDoS attack and we have big problems with the server. All this time I worked day and night on optimizing the system. All this time I completely ignored any correspondence that came to me from users, including private messages, mail and social networks.

"S" for Sacrarium


Almost immediately after refinements were made to the article, the number of users in the group grew by 47%! The number of registrations in the Sacrarium has also increased dramatically. People continue to arrive and there are more and more of them, especially in Faсebook and MEWE. Before the publication refinements we could not boast of a very rapid growth of subscribers.



Recently, the reputation of the Sacrarium has been stalked by the Russian user Toche (aka Sam Adama). The article was published in the “Hypergrid Business” on August 22, 2019. SACRARIUM REVEALS SOME DETAILS



Two years is not a very long time in real life, but rather significant for the virtual world. Today we are proud to present the results of our work. For two years now, the Sacrarium has been a source of high-quality stuff for all virtual worlds. The OpenSim universe has become so beautiful and diverse that it is virtually indistinguishable from the best commercial projects like Second Life. We sincerely welcome everyone who adheres to the tendency to follow the path of progress with us, filling the virtual worlds with the beauty and perfection that our users value so much. Our core values are peace and friendship of all peoples of the world.

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