"S" for Sacrarium

by WhiteAngel Deed 26/09/2019

Edited by Murzilla Potapov

We all hate the Sacrarium, that's true. Even I sometimes hate him. And of course, the Sacrarium must die, because everyone constantly complains about the Sacrarium. Some people hate the Sacrarium so much that they create dozens of accounts to visit this damned grid. When Maria Korolov from HB ("Hypergrid business") at the very beginning asked me why the Sacrarium became so popular, then I did not know the answer to this question. I said something like "friendly people, kind atmosphere”, etc. But today I found the answer: Sacrarium is driven by hatred. Hatred! A lot of hate!

There is mathematical and sociological evidence for this. Now I will tell you everything in order.

"Hypergrid business" recently published a very interesting article on the social interaction of virtual worlds users outside the grid. Look here: https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2019/09/follow-opensim-news-to-stay-on-top-of-new-events/

“Ever since Google Plus closed down for good earlier this year, the OpenSim community has been scattered across a lot of different platforms — Discord, MeWe, Facebook, and others. So, we used to have more than 2,000 members in the OpenSim Virtual group on Google Plus”.

Indeed, it is very pleasant to observe the development of the virtual community and the variety of different forms of communication. The following are interesting statistics and links. I guess that it was not an easy task to collect so much material. Well done, Maria!

This article would be incomplete if it did not mention the Sacrarium (hated by everyone). One of the readers decided to make some clarifying details that gave the article a special piquancy. As it turned out, one of the groups dedicated to virtual worlds in Facebook was created and moderated by the Sacrarium group! Maria wrote:

“Another public OpenSim-related group is OpenSim Virtual on Facebook. However, as a reader pointed out to me, this isn’t run by the same people as those who ran the big OpenSim Virtual group on Google Plus. The organizers behind this one seems to be the team from the controversial Sacrarium grid”.

Here I don’t like only word “controversial”. Better to write “hated” or “damned”. It will be more correct.

We know Maria as professional, best journalist in virtual. She added new information to clarify the difference between the projects of the same name. This is completely justified and will help users avoid confusion. I also understand that Maria will never write such words as “hated,” because she is professional and always follows journalistic ethics. The problem is different. The problem is that even journalists have to experience pressure from society. Even if a journalist does not agree with the mood of the majority, few will dare to write the truth. I remember when Maria published the results of the 2018 poll, when the Sacrarium was in the lead. She dared to publish the results, despite the pressure of many dissatisfied. I think it was a really heroic act. And I thank Maria for her excellent work.

The real funniest thing started when I looked at the statistics of users in our community on Facebook.

Almost after refinements were made to the article, the number of users in the "Opensim virtual" group in Facebook grew by 47%! The number of registrations in the Sacrarium has also increased dramatically. People continue to arrive and there are more and more of them, especially in Faсebook and MEWE. Before the publication refinements we could not boast of a very rapid growth of subscribers. Unbelievable. It can only mean one thing: people are interested. These are real users, not bots. Just look so much people “hate” Sacrarium.

But screamers in the comments shout the loudest about how terrible this grid is. I will not going to complain now about the hypocrisy of society and about injustice. But I see how some people are trying to slander the Sacrarium, to create the illusion that some of the success of the project depends on the numbers of bots. But every time reality dispels this lie. The truth is that we created the Sacrarium so that people like it. We did not create a commercial grid, did not seek to profit. We strove to give people what they want. I spend personal money and a lot of time for the Sacrarium to work. Some people sometimes help with donations, some rent regions (this is the only thing I ask for a moderate fee). The Sacrarium team consists of volunteers. This is a couple of dozen people who help in various fields. They also help for free. Friendship is the only thing I can pay them. In fact, a lot of what they do is worth a lot of fukn money. And of course our users and followers. They support the Sacrarium with their attention, build amazingly beautiful regions. Thanks to users, Sacrarium has become a place where you want to be. Sacrarium users can be found on any grid. Even if the policy of their home grid does not allow visiting Sacrarium, they will always find a way. There is some kind of romance in it. If your parents punished you and locked you in a room, you will run away through the window and still go play football with your friends. Parents tell you: “This is a bad guy, he will teach you bad things. Do not be with him! We forbid you!”, but that night you go to drive with your friend on a motorbike. But now we are all adults and choose what we need.

Yes, it smells of youth and freedom. In reality, we no longer have youth, no freedom. There are a huge number of problems and obligations. We cannot laugh like in childhood. But why do we transfer our problems from real life to the virtual? Here in Sacrarium we are happy, we can do everything, no one dares to tell us how to live. This is our choice, our second life. Why then do we need a world in which everything is possible if we drag on ourselves all these prohibitions and think about who and what said about us?

What about haters, haters gonna hate. Previously, I actively participated in dramas, trying to protect the Sacrarium from fake actors, drama queens, haters and other marginal people. Now I practically do not participate in this. Sacrarium can protect itself. Today, the Sacrarium has turned into an independent community, which is absolutely self-sufficient and can provide itself with everything necessary. Most importantly, the Sacrarium is fully consistent with the original idea. This is almost a mythical place, a reserved garden, where those who depend on the opinions of others will not be able to. Sacrarium magic begins when you break the prohibitions. I salute to all who dare. We eat your love and drink your hate. Even if it will be the last island of freedom in the whole of Opensim. Welcome to the Sacrarium grid!