Sacrarium New Order release

Sacrarium team 27/11/2019

Edited by Murzilla Potapov

Dear friends!

Today we want to tell you about the new Sacrarium New Order project. This project was conceived a year ago, but we did not have a consensus on what it should be. We did not have the technical capacity to implement it. The Sacrarium that you know was created for test purposes. No one could have imagined that everything would go that far. There was no reason to think that the Sacrarium would be successful or popular. Therefore, the Sacrarium was whipped up, very quickly and carelessly. Today we have 2500 users and a 800 GB* database. This is not a very big data many grids have a much larger database. Nevertheless, this is a rather tangible amount of data, which is becoming increasingly difficult to store and manage. We need to somehow distribute the load. It makes no sense to transfer the user inventory database to a new database, as this is synonymous with simply copying the entire database, given that the asset database is more than 90% of the total. This is one of the main reasons for creating a new project. This state of affairs is a direct consequence of the anarchy that has developed over the entire existence of the project. We tried to take an example from OSgrid, where there are no restrictions on user registration, there are no restrictions on content loading. At the same time, OSgrid feels great and has existed for many years. We did not take into account the scope and our own technical capabilities. No one expected the load to be so high. We initially made a mistake by entrusting the storage of assets to the mysql database. Therefore, our main goal today is optimization and network security.

We faced new challenges, such as DDoS attacks, which had never happened before. We were not ready. It's all about the dramas that always happen in virtual communities. Drama is one of the brightest elements of virtual life. We can say that this is a co ntinuation of virtual worlds, a game of politics. We play politics even here in a virtual society. Politics is always a lot of dirt, streams of lies, scandals and investigations. Sometimes whole grids argue among themselves, launching the blackest and most aggressive rhetoric. But never before has anyone crossed the red line - DDoS attack on the server. Everyone understands that a DDoS attack leads to the most serious consequences, where there are no winners. Therefore, all dramas were limited mainly to rhetoric. But here the red line was crossed. We are not going to complain, we acknowledge that the world is cruel and unfair. We just have to be prepared to have tools for protection. This is the second reason that we should seriously review the architecture of our local network.

Over the years, the Sacrarium has gone beyond the usual grid and has become a community of people from all grids who are united by the idea of "free space". Recently, many grids began to turn into a simulator of the police state, when users cease to feel safe. Often such grids block their users' access to where they deem necessary on the basis of false rumors and dramas. Of course, the opinions of the users themselves and their desires are completely ignored. Users want to feel free to go where they want and take what they want. Each of the users is an adult who bears moral responsibility for their actions and does not need the supervision of those who have designated themselves as “ virtual vice squad”. No one likes trying to educate adults as children. Given the circumstances, every community needs free space for communication, not only in virtual worlds.

Sacrarium New Order concept

The Concept of the Sacrarium “New Order” is a global update of the Sacrarium grid policy aimed at improving the service and social interaction with users. Within the framework of the Sacrarium concept, the grid focuses primarily on the external users. This means that the Sacrarium is used as a playground primarily for users from other grids. This policy will prevent overloading the local user database and their inventory. In addition, it will become a protection against uncontrolled registration of fake accounts.

Whats new?

  • New web address, simpler and more intuitive: and hipergrid adress (
  • New web-based interface for working with mobile devices. Now you can carry the Sacrarium in your pocket wherever you go. You can get full information about statistics, read news, follow the project’s social networks and find out about new products.
  • Soziarium is a social network for users from all virtual worlds. Here you can find out about the latest news, chat with friends, share screenshots, have a party and much more. The Soziarium is also intended for use on mobile devices. The Soziarium has an account confirmation system, so lovers of drama and fakes will no longer bother you.
  • New databases, faster processing of assets. Now more reliable and does not contain excess garbage. New protected equipment.
  • New Sacrarium grid account registration policy. Registration in the Sacrarium is available only for the following categories of users:

1. Staff

2. Tenants of the regions

3. Trusted Sacrarium users

4. Invited users

It makes no sense for you to create an account in SNO if you have an account in the old Sacrarium. The old Sacrarium will work to maintain visitor accounts. You will be able to move freely between the old and the new grid.

As before, no currency and no trading for real currency. We continue to adhere to this policy. This is due to the specifics of the content in the Opensim Metaverse, which means that most of the content is not licensed, or there are doubts about authorship. We do not allow the opportunity to trade objects without a valid license.

NEW ORDER road map

  • All regions will gradually move to the new Sacrarium (freebie shops, projects, clubs and rented regions).
  • All regions owners will receive registration in the SNO in order to easily manage their projects.
  • Holders of free land will not be relocated to SNO.
  • Sacrarium grid will be supported as the main registration and entry point for users. Until the server runs out of resources. It will be a test sandbox and hosting for free regions.
  • SNO will eventually expand its functionality for mobile social interaction.
  • It is planned to add various games and competitions.
  • Information about the main innovations will be primarily published on the basis of the Soziarium.

Expected Results

  • Optimization of the Sacrarium.
  • Better security.
  • Active interaction with users.
  • Safe communication environment.
  • The best performance.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Saving freedom of action for users.
  • Improving the social climate of the project.
  • Better design.
  • Mobile accessibility to community resources.
  • Independence and self-sufficiency of the project.

At present, SNO are under development. The main work has already been completed. The opening of the project will take place when all work is completed. You can ask all questions to the Soziarium. Soziarium is like a Sacrarium, but a social network. See you in the new era!

Best regards,

Sacrarium team


Q: Will the old Sacrarium be closed and will I lose my avatar and all inventory?

A: No. The old Sacrarium will work to maintain visitor accounts. You will not lose anything.

Q:Can I register an avatar in SNO?

A:Registration at SNO is limited. Accounts will be able to register only these categories of users:

1. Staff

2. Tenants of the regions

3. Trusted Sacrarium users

4. Invited users

Q: I rent a region in Sacrarium. What will happen to my account and my region?

A: All regions will gradually move to the new Sacrarium (freebie shops, projects, clubs and rented regions). All regions owners will receive registration in the SNO in order to easily manage their projects.

Q:I want to register in the Soziarium. What do I need for this?

A: Registration in the Soziarium is not limited. You can simply register, as on any other resource. There are no special requirements. It is free.

Q: Why is the SoZiarium written through the letter “Z”? It would be more correct to use “C”.

A:This is because a project with a similar name already exists on the Internet.

Q:I am a user of another grid. Can I register in the Soziarium and show ads of my grid and region?

A: Yes, you can. The Soziarium exists for all users from any grid. Its free.

Q:Why aren't you using Gloebit?

A: We do not use currency and do not sell anything. This is due to the fact that commercial activities are related to the payment of taxes and sales duties. We are not a tax resident or commercial organization. Sacrarium is not engaged in commercial activities. We prefer donations.

Q: How do I vizit the regions of the SNO?

A: You can use hypergrid and our new address

Q: My home grid blocked access to SNO and Sacrarium. What to do?

A: You can freely create an account in the Sacrarium and visit SNO without any restrictions. It's free.

Look for all the details on the official website of SNO:


* Contrary to the myth that “Sacrarium has a terabyte of copybot” in reality the entire database is 800 GB. In addition, in fact in Sacrarium there is no more copybot than in most other grids. The difference is only in the details: the Sacrarium does not use the currency system (such Gloebites) to prevent the sale of objects with unidentified copyright holders, thereby preventing loss of commercial profit and damage to them. Unlike most grids, the Sacrarium forbids the using of viewers with the ability to copyboting. Sacrarium has a complaint system for real copyright holders. We always remove content if a copyright claim is received. The “copybot” thesis in OpenSim is just an outdated argument by opponents. In addition, according to TOS, we are not responsible for the content posted by our users, which completely excludes our responsibility. This is the standard “disclaimer” model used by social networks around the world.