A few words in connection with the latest publication of the "Hypergrid business"

Recently, the reputation of the Sacrarium has been stalked by the Russian user Toche (aka Sam Adama). The article was published in the “Hypergrid Business” on August 22, 2019. Dirty insults Toche in my address I leave without comment. The Toche paradox is that this person repeats the word "truth" thousands of times per second, while he is constantly caught in a lie. When he was convicted of using the same IP for different avatars, he said that this was his wife. (I conducted my own investigation and found several avatars with the same ip: Caprica.Cylon, Caprica Cylon, Caprica.Cylon, Caprica.Cylon, Athena Cylon, Sam.Adama, Sam Adama, Touche.Bwoy, Bot Deleteme. He uses too many avatars and anonymous proxies. Is it wife again?) When people found incriminating photos in his Flickr, where his name is written, he denied that this was his Flickr account. He blames the Sacrarium for copybot, but his regions are made up of copybot. He suddenly remembers that he is Russian, although before that he forbade users to speak Russian in their regions and blocked Russian IPs. He tells everyone that he never insulted anyone, but he called the users and guests of the Sacrarium supporters of pedophilia, xenophobia and something else. He used a screenshot from Neustadt for his article, but signed it as a screenshot from Sacrarium, although everyone knows that it is Neustadt. This behavior seems strange to me. His comments consist of dirty curses mixed with constant excuses.

I don’t really care about the flow of such obvious lies too, but I don’t like that this person is trying to use the Neverworld administrator’s reputation as a living shield to justify his illegal actions. He constantly refers to the fact that I allegedly wrote threatening letters to the administrator of Neverworld grid. In his comments, Toche tries to look like the protector of the “cute girl”, allegedly attacked by a gang of “Sacrarium thugs”. Do not rush to applaud his honor. You probably noticed that Toсhу often mentions a certain letter, but never shows it public. Why? Because this letter works against himself. It is beneficial for him to hide the text of the letter so that he can say whatever he wants. Today you have a chance to independently evaluate the “terrible threats” of the Sacrarium against this “poor girl”. Today I will publish the original letter that I sent to the Neverworld Administration in Facebook (12 aug 2019). It’s unpleasant for me to do this, because the letter was addressed to the administration, but they considered it necessary to introduce Sam Adama himself to its contents. In any case, I will publish a letter to prevent the possibility of speculation on this basis.

The original text of the letter without any changes:

Dear friends!

We really have an unpleasant situation with the Neverworld grid. We were forced to ban this grid. The problem is related to the attempts of the user Toshe (Ruby region owner) to damage the reputation of the Sacrarium. This person has been warned many times in connection with a hate speech, xenophobe, intolerance towards gays, +size people and etc. Previously, we received many complaints from our users and users from other grids about Toshe's aggressive behavior. Ultimately, we removed his region Caprica and he was expelled from the Sacrarium community. Now this dubious person has found refuge in your Neverworld grid and continues to engage in destructive and antidemocratic activities.

Sacrarium has zero tolerance for the instigators of ethnic hatred, insulting people on the basis of sex, religion and other principles. Sacrarium cant support the grids, which contributes to the activities of such people. Unfortunately today Neverworld grid promotes the activities of such a person who has an extremely bad reputation. It was this fact that caused ban of Neverworld grid.

In addition, we noticed a large number of Neverworld stores that distribute objects created in the Sacrarium grid*. The rights to distribute and transmit object data were obviously hacked by Neverworld grid users. This is a direct violation of the rules of the Sacrarium and the international law on intellectual property. Pay attention to rule number 10: «It is forbidden to use god power to take things from other people's shops and to open copying and/or transfer permissions if they were closed. Violating equal ban». The rest of the Sacrarium rules can be found here:

Despite all the circumstances, we express our respect to the Neverworld grid administration and hope for cooperation. We offer you a reasonable way out of the situation, which will confirm commitment to the law, friendship and good neighborliness. We are ready to make a deal with you.

1) We ask you to remove the Ruby ( Ruby) region and stop cooperating with Toshe (aka Sam Adama), stop supporting the spread of hatred and xenophobia. Previously, Toshe’s activities have already been condemned by many OpenSim user communities. If you help us in our fight against injustice and violation of user rights, we will gladly remove ban of Neverworld. We will take this as a friendly gesture and will not make claims against Neverworld grid about inappropriate content. As sure so many OS users will welcome such a decision. That would be the best scenario for all of us.

2) If you want to continue to support this person and his activities, we intend to limit ourselves to the requirement to remove all objects created in the Sacrarium grid from Neverworld stores. In this case, we demand to remove all Sacrarium objects from Neverworld grid, because the rights to distribute them have been hacked. When all such objects will removed from Neverworld data base, we remove your grid from ban list. If necessary, we will be ready to present our testimony even in RL court. Sacrarium has experience in international law and appeal to the judiciary.

We sincerely rely on your understanding and hope for your help and cooperation. Sacrarium will always be happy to help you and provide a counter service. We offer you friendship and cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions. Let's support each other for the benefit of our users. Let the virtual world be free from the hate speech and oppression.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

WhiteAngel Deed

Some comments:

* According to the rule of Sacrarium No. 2, objects received in the Sacrarium are forbidden to re-distribute in stores of other grids. “We do not condone drama on the grid or in social networks, and we can not indulge in the resale of any item in any form from our grid for free or for profit. Elements should be used only for personal use, and not for sale for money in any grid. If you are a witness of how someone publishes a drama in social networks about copybot or reselling our goods for profit, please report this as soon as possible. This person or persons (and grids too) will be immediately banned”. Yes, I understand that this rule is constantly violated by many users. You can find the content received at the Sacrarium in all stores and on all grids. I can’t be offended because it is usually for virtual worlds. They even copy what is forbidden to copy. I deliberately ignore this fact, realizing that I cannot make claims to so many people and grids. However, I have the right to submit my claims to any of them. Therefore, I have every right to file a claim with Neverworld, given the unfriendly attitude of the Neverworld administration towards the Sacrarium. I also understand very well that even with all the desire, Neverworld will not be able to delete all these objects. My goal is for an unfriendly grid to be banned in Sacrarium. Maybe I'm biased? Yes, biased, but with good reason. I also have the natural right to set my own terms for anyone who wants to use the Sacrarium. If someone does not agree to my terms, I can stop his service at any time. Any objection is not accepted.

I officially declare as the administrator of the Sacrarium grid, that Toche (aka Sam Adama, Caprica Cylon, Caprica Grid etc.) has never been co-administrator of the Sacrarium grid and have no rights to call himself “insider”.

I do not condemn the Neverworld administration and respect their choice. If Toche (aka Sam Adama, Caprica Cylon, Caprica Grid etc.) is their friend, or co-admin, then this is also their right. But I'm not going to support the activities of Neverworld grid too. I just do not remind because of politeness that as an administrator I have the right to ban any grid, even without any reason, and no one can oblige me not to do this.

The problem is ethics. If there was a user in the Sacrarium who purposefully insults Neverworld, for example, then I would immediately delete such a user. This is called drama prevention. Sacrarium has never been a platform for haters. Even if this grid does treat Sacrarium badly, nevertheless we have respect for competitors and do not allow insults against them.

Most importantly, I demand from each of you, from all those, without exception, who want to use Sacrarium grid and in any way interact with it: Please read the rules of the Sacrarium grid! This is very important for understanding and constructive problem solving.

So and last one: “If you don’t like Sacrarium – do not use Sacrarium”.

Best regards,

WhiteAngel Deed